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But why Pentax though?

You know the concept of a "Fred," from the world of bicycles? Even if you don't know the term, you certainly know the type: spandex, aluminum, all carbon fiber everything. Downing sugary, gut-inducing energy gels while obsessing over fractions of grams on their several-thousand-dollar "rig." Worshipping Shimano. Buying all Shimano's crap to measure their energy output in watts, because that's a totally sane and normal thing to do.

Side note: can we just abolish the term "rig?" Have you ever met anybody who calls anything they own "my rig" that wasn't an enormous douchebag? Cameras, bikes, trucks, anything referred to as a rig is pretty much guaranteed to be owned by an asshole.

Anyway. I feel like photographers tend to be like that, but with camera stuff.

I am not like that.

I'm also kind of a hipster.

That means that I like a good deal, and I like old-timey stuff. Old lenses without crazy modern coatings? Great! I'm excited for flares, and fringes, and even a little haze. It'll just ambiance. Even better, they only cost $50-100 on eBay and are plentiful because Pentax hasn't broken their lens mount backwards compatibility since like the 60s.

Also I fully appreciate how durable the K-series Pentax stuff is. I mean, I bought my 18-55 kit lens from a K-3II for like $80, and it arrived covered in mud. I washed it off, and it works great.