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Canvas fingerprinting demo

I built this thing as a quick test to see how easy it is to fingerprint a browser by rendering a bunch of text onto a canvas tag and hashing the results. My methods were far from rigorous, but it does do the thing and it does work.

It just renders a variety of characters in a variety of colors, in a variety of fonts. That way you're hashing from something that samples a wide variety of kerning/hinting quirks, as well as a sampling of what fonts the user has installed. It's fairly legit, for how easy it was to make.

If I were an advertiser and this were my job you'd be in serious trouble. I would immediately be shockingly capable of tracking your computer no matter if you clear your cookies or block third-party cookies or whatever. Since there are a lot of marketers out there whose job it is and they've built much more rigorous and reliable systems than this ... I guess we're all in trouble.

Your browser fingerprint, based on the image below, is: