Digraph BBCode variant

Digraph contains its own special variant of BBCode. By and large Digraph BBCode hews very closely to classic implementations, but adds one distinct Digraph-specific piece of syntax:

Tag "context"

Any BBCode tag in Digraph can have a "context" supplied to it, to specify the noun it refers to. These are appended to the tag name in the opening tag, separated by a colon. For example, to create a link to the "some-page" page, you would use the tag [code][link:some-page][/code]

If a tag can have options specified by an equals sign after the tag name, that equals sign must go after the context. For example, for a noun that can be rendered as an img tag, the following would be a valid way of specifying the noun and dimensions in a compact fashion: [code][img:some-noun=150x100][/code]

Tag categories

Digraph includes four built-in categories of tags, with sane defaults for user permissions for using them: