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Update to my ideal Apache VirtualHost settings for automatic subdomains

I've updated my Apache config since the post I made yesterday about creating subdomains based on directory names. The revisions are fairly small, but important. Since yesterday I moved my DNS nameservers to a new provider who doesn't offer ...
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Wildcard SSL and subdomains from directories in Apache

So I've solved part of this particular problem about a gazillion times, and I just now had reason to solve it again so I decided to write it down. I run this main site of mine, and several other subdomains that do ... other things ... off o...
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Deploying a PHP/Composer site with GitHub Actions and SSH

Recently I decided to finally get a decent deploy process put together for this site. I'd recently moved back to GitHub after spending a while on GitLab, and being accustomed to using a private GitLab instance for all my source control at w...
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